Guided by the belief that increasing the level of trust in a company is the cornerstone of protecting reputations and strengthening relationships, we work in close partnership with corporate clients to engage employees, deepen customer relationships, attract investors and align government and public interests.

We have the skill and the experience to offer global and local perspectives, wherever you operate or want to expand your business. Our corporate team is over 1,000 people strong and includes former journalists, lawyers, bankers, MBAs, lobbyists, speechwriters, integrated marketing specialists. We are poised to develop multi-channel, integrated, always-ready communications campaigns to support your business needs.

With business value at the forefront, our approach begins with creating a compelling narrative that captures a company’s vision, culture and direction. It encompasses engaging constituencies based on a clear stakeholder map. We work to align a company with its stakeholders, connecting with a variety of audiences through the most effective means – media relations, business-to-business communications, executive positioning, employee engagement, financial communications or any combination necessary to support business value objectives. We are business problem-solvers, informed by market insights and focused on driving measurable outcomes.

We work with clients to protect their most important assets: reputation – an aggregate analysis of past behavior, and trust – and stakeholders’ expectation of future behavior based on past performance. By identifying a company’s assets and weaknesses as they relate to trust, we help uncover, define, exemplify and amplify their authentic identity in ways that resonate with stakeholders and inspire support of their business mission.